New Sound of Country

I went to a festival last weekend with some friends of mine. It was actually a beer festival, and most of it was held outdoors. As you can imagine they had plenty of beer and also food to go with it. So what goes great with Beer and food? Music. They had a large lineup of local bands to play to the crowds. We milled about an enjoyed all the local cuisine, and tunes. As we begin to discuss the various groups, I realized that many of them were labeled as country performers.

new country

Some were labeled as folk, and others just labeled as rock. Many times from group to group , I couldn’t tell the difference in the various forms. The country musicians sounded just like the folk which sounded just like the rock. So it seems like country music is really crossed over into the mainstream. I remember in the past it was really a twangy type music that was very distinguishable from all other forms. Nowadays they don’t stick to the original format, and allow themselves to be more creative and explore a different sound. I think that is great. Country music not only has a distinct sound, but it also has a distinct lyrical tone.

Many of the songs are based around simple ideals like love and family, and really bring the simple and meaningful things of life to the forefront. I really like the fact that emerging musicians could create the same sound, but with a different melody. I always felt that many of the meanings of the country music, was really about the important things in life and living a simpler existence. Even the songs about heartbreak, still bring a smile to my face when I hear them. So country music has really come into its full form, and are embracing many different sounds that they had utilized before.

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