Why Country Music is So Relatable

Why Country Music is So Relatable

Country music is about storytelling, songwriters write about things you can relate to like home, family, falling in love and everyday life.  Other genres of music may focus a little less on the lyrics and more on the beat, country is all about the lyrics.  This is why country music is so relatable to everyday people.  Country songs are filled with emotions, passion and good story telling.

Country song writers create music that is meant to touch your heart and fill your soul.  Some songs are even funny.  They write tributes to fallen heroes, funny songs about falling out of love, falling in love and how to deal with life’s hurts.  They write about things that happen to all of us, we all struggle and fall in and out of love.

The Instruments

Country music has a simple sound it uses instruments like guitars, both electric and acoustic, fiddles, banjos and while they do use drums it is not as hard as you would find in rock music.  The instruments are not the focus of the music, it is the lyrics.  The instruments provide a softer sound meant to allow the lyrics to shine rather than overpowering the singer.

Many musicians find writing country songs easier than other genres.  We have all had to deal with heartache, family squabbles, and of course all the complications that come with love.  Writers have plenty of their own experiences to draw from and it is easier to put those feelings to music.

Keep a Journal

You will find that many songwriters and musicians keep pen and paper nearby for those times that inspiration arrives.  We all have ideas that pop into our head that are later forgotten, keep a journal or somewhere to write your ideas down can help.  When that perfect combination of words comes to you, the last thing you want to do is lose them.  If writing country music is not your strong suit, country artists do plenty of collaborations.

Songwriters Rule

At its heart country music will always be about storytelling, that is what makes it so relatable.  As country music grows in popularity the demand for original, well written songs and music has grown along with it.  There are plenty of country artists and groups that do write their own music there are still plenty who rely on songwriters for original material.

People connect country music to their own lives, the music is straightforward and easy to understand.  That is why the industry is growing at such a fast pace and country is now more popular than ever.


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